Reasons to give Thanks: Yuzu-rubbed smoked turkey

As the Holiday Season kicks off so does Citrus Season. Fortunately, we can enjoy both the wonderful American tradition of stuffing our faces AND newly minted traditions of adding Yuzu to seemingly everything we can in order to see how many different ways we can dine cross-culturally. Thanksgiving brought us the Yuzu Rubbed Smoked Turkey.

I’ve had many people ask me “How do you use Yuzu?” and I keep responding, a bit shocked, “How CAN’T you use Yuzu?”
I have had suggestions from the basic:
–  Yuzu in soda water
To the more adult:
–  Yuzu Gin and Tonic
To the self-care:
–  Yuzu in bath water

24hr Yuzu marinaded turkey

Yuzu rubbed turkey after 24 hours of “marinating”

I personally use it in all forms of cooking and marinating. This time, it was my turkey for Thanksgiving that got the Yuzu treatment. I have standard dry rubs that include salt, rosemary, thyme, chili powder and a few other goodies. To this, I add pulverized, dried Yuzu peel and let it marinate overnight.

It’s no secret that I love my smoker and this was the first time I was able to use it on a turkey. It took just over 3 hours to smoke the 12lb bird and as you can see it came out looking amazing. One thing I continue to learn about Yuzu is its ability to continue to give off its amazing flavor and aroma long after the initial cooking process.

Enough words, on with the pictures of the final product!

Smoked Yuzu Turkey

Smoked heritage turkey with Yuzu dry rub

Smoked Yuzu Rubbed Turkey

Yuzu rubbed smoked turkey from the back – snip along the spine with cooking shears for quicker, more even exposure to heat and smoke.