Thai Mango

Prior to moving to SE Asia I thought the “champagne” mango’s in the US were the best I’d ever eaten. They were small but full of flavor and had relatively small pits compared to the normal mango’s I would pick up in the stores. The conventional mango was mainly green with a little bit of a red tint as it was getting rip while the champagne or Ataulfo as they were sometimes called were this bright yellow.

Once in Thailand I got to go to my first wet market and discovered I didn’t know jack about fruit. Thai honey mango’s were literally as sweet as any candy I ever tasted. While shopping at the wet market for spices and fruit I didn’t speak Thai and the “auntie” spoke broken english (I can’t complain her english was 100x better than my Thai) but she was able to pick out for me the freshest, ready to eat mango’s every time and it was 1kg for ~$4USD.

Even in Singapore the prices may be literally twice as much as the Thailand markets but they are still the sweetest Mango’s I’ve eaten. From a business perspective I would love to import and distribute these in the US but my biggest fear is the distance to travel and the immediacy they would need to be eaten. I hope that in the future restaurants will demand this of us so that every fresh, ripe mango I can import would be eaten within that first week of delivery. Until then I would challenge anyone to a friendly tasty mango contest; I will put Thai honey mango’s up against any other country’s offering and let my stomach determine the winner.