Quality products from close relationships

Bali MealWe import the best ingredients from select farms and manufacturers across Asia. See our selection of current Asian spices and foodstuffs at on our Online Store, including first-press yuzu juice, all-natural masala blends and curry pastes with no MSG.

Miew Foods is a small team committed to providing our customers, retail and restaurant, with best-in-class products from Asia. While other importers claim to have 1,000’s of international brands at their fingertips, we take a different approach: We would rather have a deep relationship with a handful of manufacturers than a “business as usual” relationships with many manufacturers. We are deeply knowledgeable about the products we carry and are take pride in each relationship we build.

Kochi, Japan Farmers: Yuzu Citron
Mumbai, India: Various Indian spices
Bangkok, Thailand: Curries and soup pastes

There are many more products to come and many stronger relationships to build. Join us for the food adventure of a lifetime.