Introduction to MIEW

This will be our first post in what will hopefully be a long line of thoughts shared by both employees of MIEW and those that work with us and/or those that just plain love food. In traveling and living all over the world there are a few things that have been made crystal clear.

1. Food unites the world
2. 99% of the time an authentic experience will be remembered and shared for generations

As a child I had parents and grand parents that loved to cook and loved to eat. I remember family members traveling to New Orleans and bringing back Andouille sausage and having it for the time. Growing what I now identify as ‘birds eye’ chili’s in their front yard (yes the green ones) was a part of life.

In traveling around the world every culture has their own subtle (and not so subtle) go-to spices and recipes. While we may not be able to taste all of them we will sure try. In seeking out these spices and recipes the hope is to find the most authentic ones that we have had made for us or better yet we have made ourselves in our travels. We want to bring that experience to you and in term have you, the expert chef, bring those experiences to your customers.