Golden Kiwis

ripe golden kiwiThe bitter-sweetness of living on a small island like Singapore is that a lot of your food has to be imported. For those of us looking for the local feel, that tends to include food from Malaysia and Indonesia because those places are a 45-minute drive or ferry ride away. What this allows me to do is take a step back from my love of all things in Southeast Asi,a and enjoy foods from places like South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. One of my favorite new foods is the Golden Kiwi.

I had my first golden kiwi sighting about a year ago, in July, and thought it was some kind of hybrid fruit. Being from the US, I had on many occasions had green kiwis and briefly tried kiwi berries, but never had I experienced golden kiwis. After trying one I can say that they are everything I love about the green ones, but very different at the same time. They are lighter in flavor, softer in texture and sweeter than their green cousins. They are also about 30% more expensive than green kiwis and are almost always sold out in stores. I believe these are sparsely available throughout the US, but if you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend picking up a few and seeing what you think. The low acidity is ideal if you love to binge on kiwis but hate the raw feeling in your mouth afterward.

Now it’s time for me to find the elusive “red” kiwi.