Non-alcoholic aperitif/digestif

An aperitif (literal translation “to open”) can refer to a drink or a food. Typically it’s dry to the taste to help open the taste-buds in preparation the upcoming meal. ┬áDigestif is typically consumed after a meal, to assist…digestion! Aside from the French language what both of these have in common are that they are short courses and strong on the senses. Bearing in mind that “strong” doesn’t have to mean unappetizing, what these are designed to do is to provide your body with cleansing qualities. Being lovers of all things food related MIEW is always on the look out for products or ingredients that will give consumers new experiences with old traditions.

We submit the ginger root as a wonderful alternative to an aperitif or digestif for those restaurants looking to offer a non-alcoholic non-sweet hot drink to their menu. There are many brands here in Asia but as always our focus is on products that are as local and authentic as possible. We find that some of the best Ginger drinks are from Thailand and many different Thai brands offer “standard” and “strong” options.

What does it taste like? Ginger is a spice, similar to nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves that are very common in dessert dishes but not all that common in every day American food. It’s a strong intense flavor when added to hot water but it’s not a lingering flavor. It will be bubbles in your nose or a tickle in your throat but just as quickly as it arrives its gone. It is a perfect way to literally cleanse your tasting pallet to prepare for your feast or (as science my be suggesting) aid in digestion after a satisfying meal with friends and family. Think of it as chicken soup for the tummy.

*note: There are a lot of different versions of ginger “tea” or ginger powder. These contain a lot of other ingredients besides ginger (mainly sugar). It has taken us a while to find the best product that offers 100% ginger with the strength, flavor and water solubility that we deem up to our standards. Look for it very soon on our product page.