Fried Chicken Around the World

Fried Chicken WingsOne of the most well loved foods across the world is the chicken. They are easy to keep, easy to feed, produce eggs to eat or can be the singular source of food once cooked whole. As you look at the different regions of the world, and their enjoyment of chicken, you see some universal recipes with subtle ingredient differences. These differences can almost always be attributed to the local spices available. These spices can range from different types of salt to different types of flour. In our globalized world, we have access to just about any spice imaginable and this is where the experimentation comes into play.

Fried chicken is eaten everywhere. From road side stands to global franchises to “hawker” centers across the world. Indian, Malay, Korean, Japanese and others all have different styles of preparing fried chicken. The oils used are different (ghee for example in Indian cooking). The spices used are different. Even the parts of the chicken most desirable are different (in Southeast Asia, people shy away from the breast meat because it lacks flavor). All of these differences make for an intensely local spin on a global food.

fried chicken and riceIn many parts of India and Asia, spicy seasonings are the norm in all cooking so you tend to get a spicy piece of chicken with white rice on the side. In the US, you even have regional spin on chicken with your southern-fried or your buttermilk. You can literally eat your way around the world and never change the core ingredient of your meal! We at MIEW Foods support eating locally and sustainability, but we also encourage adventure. The next time you go to that favorite ethnic restaurant, try their take on fried chicken. Whether it’s wings as an appetizer or a 1/2 chicken as a meal, it’s sure to inspire you to dream up inventive ways to prepare your next bird.

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