Food on Wheels: Dishcrawl Seattle’s #BetaTasting

Part of an occasional series of Guest Posts by friends of MIEW who love food just as much as we do. We hope you enjoy.

If there were such a thing as dim-sum for mobile food, the Dishcrawl Beta Tasting is a pretty good model. The weather delivered a perfect afternoon for half a dozen food trucks to gather in the U District and serve up small-plates of food ranging from a traditional taco truck to a converted camper serving slow-cooked meats.

I was spoiled at my previous office with 1-4 different food trucks rolling up daily for lunch options, so there was no way I wanted to miss the opportunity for this culinary splurge.

Here are some highlights of how I spent my handful of food tickets at the attending food trucks:

Flair TacoFlair Tacos: carnitas taco
Can’t go wrong with slow-roasted pork. Radish slices and diced onions were the perfect accent of crunch. To be quite honest, part of me wanted to skip every other truck and just keep eating tacos; I am glad I branched out, though.

Quack Dog
Quack Dogs: Hot Link, Seattle style
I’ve lived in Seattle for 15 years and never knew that a thick schmear of cream cheese on the bun is called Seattle-style. Brilliantly, the cream cheese both brightens and cools the spicy of the hot link. Not knowing about this condiment option is both a tragic, and wonderful, oversight, because I could easily make backyard bbqs a lot higher in calories.

Braizen Sandwich
Braizen Sandwich Co: pork belly
I’m a relative newcomer to pork belly (Tokyo boosted my interest), so these open-faced sliders piqued my interest immediately. These guys are all about New American, adding a really creative flair to a traditional combination of roast pork and apples.

Funguyz Food TrolleyFunGuyz Food Trolley: Treignets
When offered the option of beignets stuffed with Nutella and marshmallow, I don’t see a way to not say yes. These little deep fried triangles did not disappoint. By this time, I’d already eaten so much that the tacone (taco shell + waffle cone) with red curry chicken and veggie slaw wasn’t an option, so I’m saving that for the next time I see this trolley dishing up interesting eats.


And my favorite part of this pop-up food court on wheels? There was no heading back to the office to get to work, just a delightful Sunday afternoon to enjoy.

What are your favorite food trucks and food carts? Have you found any cities that truly embrace the mobile food culture? Drop us a message on Twitter at @MIEWFoodsLLC. That reminds me, I need to check the Seattle schedule because I could really go for some poutine.

Until next time,