Keeping, and Ignoring, Local Food Customs

Japanese customs - Local Food CustomsKnow your local food customs, and when appropriate, disregard them when you travel.

This is a simple post about simply knowing how to travel and dine across the world. From eating with your hands in India to never drinking your ramen broth in Japan, you should always know the local food customs when ever you travel.

The good news is there are many different places for you to learn about these different customs. In the past you would break out the old encyclopedia volume, find your chosen country and go from there. Now we have travel shows, food shows and even news shows that will tell you everything you need to know. You can even search on YouTube or find your favorite food recommendation website to see what locals, or other travelers, recommend.

Ramen - Tokyo Thick NoodlesGiven the type of business MIEW Foods strives to be, you can understand how important it is for us to know exactly where locals eat and how they enjoy their cuisine. Through this research, we are then able to see why one dish is considered more authentic than another, or why a specific dish may be seen as fusion to locals, but traditional to foreigners.

Now that you know where to learn all the local food customs, know when to be a Tourist. Have you ever had perfect Ramen? The noodles were just right, the veggies were grilled and the broth was rich and spicy? You certainly don’t want to let the rest of that 1100 Yen meal go to waste. It’s time to throw the rules out the window and drink that broth! If you have great Indian food and want to have biryani rice instead of white rice with your meal, go for it. When you have a meal that you know is impressive, do everything you can to make the most of it. Chopsticks on Fruit - breaking local food customsThe locals won’t mind, and you will surely have an exceptional experience.

Know the rules but even more important; know when to break the rules — all in the name of loving great food, of course.

What’s the local food custom that you follow or break most often? Let us know @MIEWfoodsLLC