Asian Pineapples

Can't be eaten..I triedThere are many similar fruits and vegetables across the world. Things like mangos, pineapples, carrots and strawberries can be found all over and for the most part have similar shapes and sizes. You may be thinking, “of course they are all similar shapes and sizes”. To that I say you are only focused on 1/2 the story. Take pineapples for example. Notice that most Hawaiian pineapples are very large and once ripe they are slightly yellow skinned and the core must be removed before being eaten. These hearty pineapples find their way into stores across America whole or de-cored. You can even find little wedges on the rim of your favorite beverage at your favorite bar or restaurant.

I want to share with you some subtle differences in pineapples found in southeast Asia. First of all they are much much smaller. You can even buy pineapples that are no bigger than the palm of your hand. The ones you can eat (more on this later) are much more yellow, almost lemon skinned when ripe. The best part? They are ultra sweet, less acidic and the core is edible with almost as much flavor as the flesh! In this case, as with a lot of fruit, bigger isn’t always better. What we have found is that fruit that is smaller tends to pack a more intense ‘root’ flavor. Meaning, pineapples are intensely pineapple flavored (the snozberries taste like snozberries!).

Having said all this you can’t go eating every exotic fruit you come across. I will make a durian post later but the red pineapple shown here is strictly for decoration purposes. I know this for a fact because I tried to eat it. What did it taste like? You see the leafy bits hanging off the bottom? The flesh tasted like you would expect leaves to taste. I had to try it for the good of humanity, c’est la vie.