Who we are

Home made lunch MumbaiMIEW Foods specializes in importing, retailing and wholesaling select Asian foods for the US foodie. Our focus is on sourcing non-perishable items from India, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea and Japanese small manufacturers and farmers. These goods will range from dry ingredients (dry spices, powdered drink mixes, instant coffee and teas) to packaged foods and sauce bases (Biryani rice mix, curry paste, chicken rice paste, and more).

Because we are wild about food, we are wild about sharing what we’ve found and learned as well. Authenticity breeds creativity. And all of our spices and pastes that we carry are meant to fulfill their primary function as being the best ingredients you can buy. Secondarily, and equally important, is to be able to bring these flavors to new American restaurants as fusion ingredients. There are hundreds of alternative uses for the food we import and we find the act of discovering new uses half the fun of our business!

Our passion is food, and food must be shared in all forms, with all people. Our goal is to crowdsource and create a dialogue via social media to help us decide which ingredient is next on our list to import and how anyone can use these ingredients to create amazing meals. Come on this adventure with us, we promise not to disappoint.