Food is the purest form of cultural exchange

Have you ever traveled, or wanted to travel, just to try the freshest and best foods from all over the world? Kiwis from New Zealand or Saag Paneer from India? We know exactly how you feel, so we built Miew Foods Gourmet Asian Pantry for you, in Ballard and Online.

If you are a self-professed foodie, a chef or a restaurant owner (or better yet, all 3!), we at MIEW Foods travel across Asia to find not only the best ingredients but the best small manufacturers to bring to your adventurous taste buds.  We believe that small businesses across the world are producing the best quality goods and MIEW Foods wants to bring every one of those businesses to the American consumer.

Whether it’s ingredients used by restaurants or displayed on retail shelves, Americans deserve to have the most authentic foods from small scale producers. Are you a restaurant owner or chef that would like to add a global twist to your menu? We have recipes that range from the traditional to the experimental. Have you ever thought of Thai spiced tuna salad or Aloo Gobi coleslaw?

We import the spices and provide consultative services for all of our customers. We strive to be the best food importer from Asia.